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What is a Podcast?

The definition of a podcast is: a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series. New installments of a podcast can be received by subscribers automatically.

What is The Queen City Podcast Network?

The Queen City Podcast Network is a carefully selected collection of podcasts produced in and centering around Charlotte, North Carolina. Some are produced by talented, independent Charlotte producers, some are produced by QCPN partners, and some are produced by The Queen City Podcast Network itself.

Why these shows?

This collection of Charlotte-based podcasts was carefully selected and produced to provide a wide vision of life in The Queen City, and chosen for their content, quality of recording and impact on the community.

How do I subscribe?

Visit each podcast’s page and click on the Apple Podcasts or Spotify icons. You’ll be taken to the show’s page on iTunes where you can subscribe and leave a review.

Android users can find these podcasts on Stitcher, and just about any other podcast platform.

How can I help?

Listen.  Tell all your friends about the network and the participating shows. Subscribe, rate and review. Then tell all your friends again.

I have a podcast, how can I submit my show to QCPN?

While we are currently not accepting submissions, you can contact us at and tell us about your podcast.  


Podcasts must be produced in Charlotte, and feature Charlotte people and things. We have a fairly strict set of criteria for audio quality, production value, and commitment to the product. Drop us a line and we'll take a listen!

How can I contact The Queen City Podcast Network?


Drop us an email at

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